You know that I’m always encouraging you to install multiple browsers on your PC in case you come across a website that doesn’t work well in one or the other. I’m also a fan of trying out lesser-known browsers.  Many of them offer great features.  I’ve mentioned the Brave browser before, but I thought I’d take a closer look at it by showing you how to download and install and taking you on a basic tour.  Let’s get started.


Start by going to  Watch the video to learn how Brave works. Brave offers private browsing and also allows you to reward your favorite websites with BATs (Brave Attention Tokens) if the site creators are enrolled in the rewards program.  There are even private ads placed on some pages that you can choose to view when it’s convenient for you. Brave is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and also for your Android or Apple Mobile device.

If you decide to download, start by picking your operating system and clicking the download button. In this tech tip, I’ll show you how to download and install on Windows 10.


You’ll probably need to give permission for the file to install. Once you download the setup file, you can click on it in downloads to begin the installation.


The download and setup time was very quick.


Once installed, you’ll get a welcome tour. You can choose to skip it, but I think it’s very helpful.


Your first option will be to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers that you use. Select the browser from the drop-down menu.


Then choose your default search engine. Google is the default, but if you want a really private experience, consider DuckDuckGo.  Remember, you can always change it.


Next, you can choose to go with a light or dark theme for Brave. Or you can have it match the system settings on your device.


Then you’ll see an explanation of how Brave shields work. Shields are the name for your security settings. By default, they are high on this browser. Some sites might have an issue displaying.


Next, you can choose to enable Brave Rewards. Brave rewards allow you to accumulate tokens by viewing certain ads. You can then give those tokens to the people who create websites you enjoy visiting.  Some people have described Brave as a browser that pays you to use it. That’s not accurate. They aren’t giving you money or any kind of electronic currency that you can convert to cash or use to go shopping. They assign you tokens that you give to the creators of websites you enjoy. If those creators sign up with Brave, they can receive money based on how many users choose to tip them.   You don’t have to enable rewards to use Brave and you can always come back and do it later.  When you’ve finished the tour, click on Done.


In the next part of this article, we’ll take a tour of Brave.