I found an awesome little site that’s part of Google’s Arts and Culture project. It explores the stories behind the clothes that we wear. The site is a collaboration between Google and museums like The Met and Kyoto Costume Institute.

When you arrive at the main page, you’ll need to scroll down past the elaborate banner to get to the content.


You can choose between over 400 stories from costume curators all over the world.  Start by selecting from categories like Icons, Movements, Making Of, and The Arts.


For example, under Movements you’ll find everything from stories about Tokyo Street Style to Style through the Centuries. I’ve found that no matter which topic you pick on this site, you’ll be led to more interesting articles.


Articles feature gorgeous photographs paired with concise, informative text. There’s nothing dry or academic about this information.


This site isn’t all about history, you’ll also find articles about current trends, how celebrities have influenced fashion, and fascinating information about how clothes are made covering everything from saris to Native American headdresses.

I particularly enjoyed a behind-the-scenes video of the Costume Institute at the Met that showed how garments of historical importance are preserved for future generations. Everywhere I turned on this site, I found something new and interesting. Check it out for yourself by following the link.