Can I download Librivox books?

Recently, I told you about Librivox, a great site where you can get free audiobooks. A reader wants to know if he can burn these audiobooks to CDs:

“Cyn, Can these be downloaded to a CD for listening in a car while traveling? Would one need to do the paid download to make a CD to take out for later listening. This would be for personal use only?”

Since the audiobooks on Librivox are in the public domain, no one has the writes to them, so you’re clear to go ahead and download and burn to a CD.


If you’re using the Librivox app on a smartphone, you can plug your phone into your car’s audio system and listen, or download the books to your phone and play from there,

This is allowable because these books are in the public domain. Other audiobook services may have specific prohibitions against doing this in their terms of service.



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