Beware this device-wrecking scam

Guess what guys? A new year means a new Kroger coupon scam. Well, it’s actually the same old Kroger coupon scams over and over and over again. It’s like a horror movie: The Scam That Wouldn’t Die!

I’ve warned you approximately one bazillion times, but I swear four people have shared this scam in my feed in the past few days. Here’s what it looks like. The scam promises that EVERYONE who shares the post will get a full year’s worth of groceries.

I mean, that makes sense. Kroger can afford to give potentially 200 million people a full year’s worth of groceries in exchange for absolutely nothing.


This scam is called a Post Christmas Give Away, but the same scam has also been presented as a Christmas Giveaway and a Black Friday Giveaway. If you visit the Facebook page that shared this scam, you’ll see it had just over 3,633 followers. Look at the Page Transparency section and you’ll see the page was created in November of this year.  The actual Facebook page has 1.6 million followers and was founded 10 years ago.


If you click on the link provided in the post to take the alleged survey, you’ll be taken to an alleged survey that starts with the question “Would you like FREE Groceries for a year?”  I really don’t think you’d need a survey to get the answer to that question. That page the link takes you to will more than likely download malware onto your phone or computer. When you think you’re clicking on a survey, you might actually be giving permission to download unwanted apps onto your device.

kroger-groceries-you want.jpg

And if you share posts like these, you’re inviting your friends to download malware. So, please, please, please, do not share. All offers like this are big, fat scams.

If you have clicked on the links in any of these scams, check your phone or computer for unwanted apps or browser extensions and make sure to run a malware scan.

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