It’s down to the wire for Windows 7 support. Security and bug support for the ten-year-old operating system ends on January 14.

That means no more security updates from Microsoft and no more attempts to fix any issues with the operating system. This also means that third-party security software providers won’t have the information necessary to protect your PC. They get their vital information about how to fix security issues from Microsoft and without that proprietary information, they can’t fix things.

It also means Windows 7 PCs will become prime targets for hackers. When security updates come out for Windows 10, they’ll backward-engineer the patches to figure out how to use any vulnerabilities they address to attack Windows 7.

Now, this doesn’t mean Windows 7 PCs are suddenly going to stop working. They are still perfectly fine for using offline, but I wouldn’t connect them to the Internet to either use a browser or receive email.

So what are your options? If your device is compatible with Windows 10, you could upgrade. Or you could switch to the free Linux operating system. Or it may be time to purchase a new PC.