Groove Music settings

Yesterday, I introduced you to Groove Music, the default music player for Windows 10. You can click here to read that article. Today, we’ll check out what options are available to you in the Settings for the app.  To access settings, open Groove Music and click the Settings gear on the lower-left side.


Your first option is to control where the app looks for music. By default, Groove will automatically add any tracks in your Music folder to the app.


You can change that folder or add an additional folder such as Downloads. Click the x to remove a folder or the + sign to add one.


Select the folder and choose Add this folder to Music.


Then choose Done.  Music from that folder will automatically be added to Groove Music from now on.


I’m going to skip over Playback and address that in a separate article. Your next choice is whether you want the art (usually an album cover) associated with a song to display. You can even choose to have the are for the song currently playing as your locks creen.


You can also pick to Groove display light mode, dark mode, or just stick with the mode you have selected for your PC.


Tomorrow, we’ll look at how to control playback in Groove.

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