When it comes to popularity, the Chrome browser is miles ahead of the competition. Google’s browser is used by 67.3% of all users accessing the Internet from a laptop or desktop and nearly 67% of folks accessing the Internet from a mobile device.

On desktops and laptops, Firefox is a distant second. Mozilla’s browser accounts for just under 9% of Internet traffic.  Internet Explorer is third with just under 7%, while Microsoft Edge lags behind at 3.6%.  Microsoft is hoping that an overhaul of the browser which bases it on the same framework as Chrome will make a difference.

On desktops and laptops, Safari is in fifth place. The default Mac browser shows up on just 1.65% of desktops and laptops going online. But if you look at mobile, it’s another story. Safari accounts for 27% of mobile devices accessing the Internet. That’s due to the popularity of iPhones.

Browsers like Opera that offer high levels of privacy barely register. Opera has just 1.48% of the market share.

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