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Windows 10 File Explorer gives you a whole lot of options for displaying your files. Yesterday, we learned how to change the look of the Navigation pane. (Click here to read that tip)  Today, we’ll learn how to change the look of your files.

Start by clicking the File Explorer icon to open.


When it opens, choose the View tab at the top.


Let’s compare our choices for icons. We’ll start with Extra large icons.


This choice probably works best for viewing photos since it gives you a good look at them.


Choosing Large icons lets you see more files at a time.


Medium shows you even more files.


Small isn’t too useful for viewing images, but it will show you a lot of other types of files.


Choosing List will display the file name in a text format as opposed to focusing on the icons.


Click on Details.


You’ll be able to view information about the file at a glance.


Pick Tiles and your files will display like this.


Choose Content and you’ll see the files listed with a fine line between them and information about the file displayed to the right.


If you open a folder, and change the display for the contents that folder will stay that way until you change it. So, it’s possible to have a folder of photos display as large icons and a folder of documents display with more detail.

You also have a lot of choices about how to sort the files for display. We’ll explore that tomorrow.







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