The differing look of Facebook on phones and computers has a reader asking questions:

“I’m not very knowledgeable about using Facebook, especially on my phone. And that poses a question: how does the stuff that’s on my phone differ from what’s on my computer? It’s the same account, I guess. I don’t really know that for sure.”

Yes, they are absolutely the same account as long as you’re logging in with the same username and password. I make that distinction because I had a friend who didn’t realize they were the same account and started a completely new one to use on her phone. Absolutely not necessary. The accounts are one and the same and you have all of the same posts, friends, and most of the same functions available.

I say ‘most of the same functions’ because if you’re using Facebook in a browser on your computer, I find you don’t have all of the same emojis available that you see on your phone app.  Also, Messaging is integrated into your Facebook display on your browser.

On a phone, you need to install a separate Messenger app. In fact, you don’t even need the Facebook app to use Messenger on the phone.

Let’s look at some basic differences. On a browser, you’ll see your story feed in the middle.


Notifications, friend requests, the arrow to pull up Settings, and your Messenger icon are at the top right on a browser.


Other options are on the left.


On your phone, your feed looks like this. Notifications are still at the top. You also have a search icon and an icon for Messenger. Tapping it on a phone will open the Messenger app if you have it installed.


For the options you see on the left in a browser, tap the three-line menu icon.


Scroll down the page and you’ll also find your Settings.