Sharing Gmail labels

A reader has a question about sharing Gmail contacts.
“In my contact list, I have several labels with different items. Here’s where I need to know if I can do this:
One of my labels has a list of names and email addresses. Is there a way that I can copy this list and be able to send it to another email address? One of my colleagues needs this list so she doesn’t have to make her own list in her Gmail contacts. When I have to send out an email to this list I just type in the recipient section the name of the label and it appears. Depending on where I have to send the email, I can just delete names if they aren’t applicable for this one email.
I tried reading about exporting but then it would export my entire contact list.
Is it possible to send this list as it is to the person who is sending out to the same list?
Thank you in advance for your help.”
There are two ways to do this. Open your Gmail inbox, click on the circle with a square of dots at the upper-right. Then choose Contacts from the menu that pops up.
Click on the label you wish to share.
Hover over a contact listed under the label and you’ll be able to tick the box next to the name.
Once you’ve selected the contacts to send, click the three-dot icon.
Then choose Export from the drop-down menu.
Choose your format for the export.
There’s another option if you happen to be using the Chrome browser, a Chrome extension called Gmail Label and Email Sharing.
This extension allows you to share Gmail labels and emails much the same way you share folders on Google Drive.
You can click here to check it out if you’re using the Chrome browser.

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