File Explorer Folder Options- View

This week we’re learning all about the Folder Options for File Explorer in Windows 10. Yesterday, we covered the General folder options. Click here to read that tip.

Today, we’ll tackle the View options.

Start by clicking on the icon for File Explorer.


Click the View tab.


At the far right, click on Options.


When the Options menu opens, choose the View tab. Your first option is to apply your current view to every folder of this type. You can also choose to Reset folders to undo any changes you’ve made.


Under Advanced settings, you’ve got a ton of options. Let’s look at a few of them.


Under Files and Folders, you can choose between always seeing icons instead of thumbnails for files. If I make that choice, I’ll only see thumbnails for files, even if I choose to view icons.



Another handy option is to choose whether you want to show the full path to a file in the title bar. Here’s what the default looks like.

cyns recipe default view

With the box next to Display full folder path ticked, this is my view. If I have any doubt about where a folder is located, this information clears it up.


Under HIdden files and folders, you can choose whether or not to show hidden, files, folders, and drive. You can also choose to not display empty drives, and decided whether or not you want protected operating system files to be displayed. You can also decide if you want to see drive letters or if you’d like encrypted or compressed files to display in color.


You can also make changes to the Navigation pane and decide if you want to show all folders and show libraries. Don’t forget, you can always click Restore Defaults to undo any changes.


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