StoryCircle is a unique service that allows you to preserve your family stories as easily as making a phone call.

Here’s how it works. You sign up for a StoryCirlce account and come up with questions to ask family members. StoryCircle will send a text to the person whose stories you want to preserve giving them a phone number to call. When they call back, they’ll be asked the question and can leave the answer like a voice mail.  That message with the answer will only be accessible to members of your family. Over time, you can put together a collection of stories for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s how to get started.  Head to the StoryCircle site and sign up for a free account.


Respond to the confirmation email and you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number where a test message will be sent. Here’s the message I got.


You can then set up your profile and invite family members to become listeners and loved ones to become storytellers.


Just enter a name and phone number for the storyteller and names and email addresses for listeners.


Click on Pose a question to send a question to a storyteller.


Pick a storyteller and pose a question. Or ask for some prompts as to what kind of question to ask.


Pick a topic and you’ll receive a list of questions to pose.


You can also click on Record a memory to make a record of your own recollections.


The service is free, though there is a paid tier that allows for unlimited length in your recording.

Head over to get started.


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