Which browsers are most accessible?

Which browsers do the best job of supporting features that make it easier for folks with disabilities to use them? We’ve got a ranking from a site that tests browsers based on how well they work with HTML5 accessibility features.


The ranking is based on how easy it is for people who need to use assistive technology to use a feature without website developers having to do additional work or come up with workarounds.

The winning browser was Edge 16 used on Windows 10. It received a 100% rating.  Alas, that’s the old version of Microsoft Edge that’s since been replaced by a newer version based on the same platform as Google Chrome.


Coming in right behind it is Mac’s Safari browser with a 98% rating.  Google Chrome, which is far and away the most-used browser scored 92%, which is certainly not a bad score. Firefox followed at 89%.  The poorest performer was Internet Explorer at only 56%. Not surprising since the browser really isn’t supported by Microsoft other than to keep it going for companies that still rely on it for some web apps.

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