Criterion Streaming

Those of you who enjoy collecting movies may be familiar with the Criterion Collection. The company offers high-quality remastered editions of what they call “important” films.

Now they’re also getting into the streaming business by offering a streaming service. The selection is limited compared to what you might find on Netflix. It features over 1,000 films, both contemporary and classic. Included in there are many art house, international, and independent features.

They also have a selection of programs aimed at movie lovers. Movies are grouped together by theme in rotating collections designed to help educate film lovers. For example, recent collections include the films of Montgomery Clift, Lindsay Andersons Mick Travis Trilogy, and movies by filmmakers Allison Anders.


You’ll also find carefully restored versions of classic movies like The Graduate paired with insightful commentary.


They also have a selection of programs aimed at movie lovers that include interviews with actors and filmmakers.


It’s available to watch on web browsers, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and on Android and iOS devices.

The service costs $10.99 per month, more expensive than Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and other popular services. You can check it out with a 14-day free trial.

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