Walgreens leaked personal data

Walgreens pharmacies recently made a big security mistake that exposed user data. According to the company, they found out about the error back on January 15.

The problem started with their mobile app, which can be used to refill and monitor your prescriptions. A problem within the app exposed private messages between customers, their pharmacists, and Walgreen’s customer service to anyone who happened to be using the app. The messages were saved in a public database instead of the proper private database.


Walgreens said they quickly moved to disable message viewing temporarily and then went about fixing the problem. After an investigation, Walgreens says that if you used the app between January 9 and January 15, 2020, the following personal information may have been exposed:

• First and last name
• Prescription number and drug name
• Store number
• Shipping address where applicable


They assure customers that no financial or Social Security information was exposed. They suggest that customers keep a close eye on their prescription and medical records. Even though they say no financial information was accessed, Walgreens also suggests  monitoring your bank account and getting a copy of your credit report,

If you need more information or help, call  Walgreens’ toll-free number at (877) 924-4472.

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