High-resolution Mars Panorama

This amazing image is courtesy of NASA and the Mars Curiosity Rover.  Curiosity has taken the highest resolution photo of the Mars surface yet. The image is composed of over 1,000 images taken during Thanksgiving weekend last year.

The results are spectacular. The 650 million pixel image includes shots of Curiosity Rover’s deck and arms and the incredible surrounding landscape.  When you first arrive, it looks like this.


Use the controls at the upper-left to zoom in or change our perspective. You can also move your mouse around and use the scroll wheel.


Let’s zoom in some.


And then some more.  Check out that amazing level of detail.


Check out the mountains.


And the rover tracks.


I’m amazed by the detail.


I love space and space exploration and I have an incredibly soft spot for Mars, partly due to my love for the late author Ray Bradbury. When we first landed on Mars many years ago, someone interviewing Ray Bradbury asked him if he was disappointed that there was no life on Mars.  He said something to the effect of “There is life on Mars. It’s us.”

Click here to check it out:


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