Power or performance? You pick

Would you rather have a faster laptop or one where the battery lasts a lot longer? If either seems to be an issue, here’s how to tweak that setting for your Windows 10 PC. Type Edit power plan into your search box and click on the result.


Choose Change advanced power settings.


When Power options opens, you’ll probably find it set to Balanced. That means the power plan tries to strike a balance between saving power and preserving performance.


You might all see it set to a plan specific to your PC’s manufacturer.


Click the drop-down menu and you’ll see a choice between High performance and Power saver. Choosing High performance may make your PC run faster but it can eat up battery life. Power saver can help you out if you’re running low on juice but it might slow down your PC’s performance.


Either option could help you out in a pinch. Don’t forget to click on OK or Apply.

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