Netflix Chrome Add-On

If you’re stuck at home but would still like to socialize, I’ve got a fun, free extension that allows you to virtually go to the movies with your friends. If you have the Netflix streaming service and the Chrome browser you can throw a virtual watch party. Keep in mind that each person watching must have their own Netflix account. You can’t share yours with the extension.

Here’s how it works. Open Chrome and head to the Chrome Store by clicking here. 

Or you can go to and click the link to add the extension.


Search for Netflix Party.


You can either choose to install by clicking Add to Chrome or click on the extension to learn more.

add to chrome

After you click Add to Chrome, you’ll need to confirm that you want to install it. The folks you want to have the watch party with also need to install the extension.


Once the extension is installed, use Chrome to go to Search for a program you want to watch and start it. The friends you want to watch with will need to do the same thing using their account.


Click on the NP icon at the top right of your browser.

np icon

Click on Start the Party.


The app will generate a URL. Copy the URL and share with the friends you want to invite. They will need to click on the Netflix Party icon just the same way as you did to join.


A chat sidebar will open up on the side of your screen where you can chat with your friends while watching the show. The video will sync across computers. Your friend will need to be logged into their Netflix account.


Give it a try!





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