Acadia National Park Tour

If you’re longing to enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll be certain to enjoy this virtual tour of one of America’s most beautiful national parks. When you click the link, Google Earth will open on an aerial view of the park.


Click on a location to zoom in.


Zoom in or out using the controls at the lower-right.


At the right, you’ll details about the lcoation.


Just click and drag to take a 360-degree tour.


You can travel from a sandy beach to the top of a mountain with the click of a mouse. It’s a wonderful way to explore the great outdoors without leaving the house.

Click here to get started:,-68.1913585,251.84929907a,0d,60y,218.33090002h,91.16775869t,0r/data=CjASLhIgNTI3MGUwMzgyZWQ4MTFlOThmMWM0N2VkNWZmY2M1NDAiCmdjc19pdGluXzE

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