Send Text Message Via Email

Did you know that you can send text messages to people even if you don’t have a smartphone?

That’s because most phone service providers will allow you to receive emails directly to your phone as text messages.

This can be very helpful if you don’t have cell service and you need to get in touch with someone who primarily communicates via text.

Word of warning. Don’t send forwards and other things that could clutter up an inbox. Some people have limited texting plans and besides, it’s just plain rude.

It’s just a matter of finding the right address and substituting the recipient’s number where a name would normally go.  These addresses use the phone company of the person you are calling, not your phone company.  You need to know who their provider is.

I’ll list the addresses of some major providers below. Just put the phone number where the name goes. For example to send a message to an AT&T customer you’d use the email address of if 555-555-555 was their phone number.


  • (MMS)
  • (SMS)


  • (MMS)
  • (SMS)




  • (MMS)
  • (SMS)


  • (MMS)

You can find out the email address for other carriers by checking with the carrier.


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