Too many Edge Tabs

A reader wants to change what happens when the newly updated Microsoft Edge opens.

“With the recent Win 10 update, my Edge browser wants to open all my recent tabs when I start. How do I make it close the tabs and not start them when I reopen my browser without having to exit each individual tab before I close the browser?”

Fortunately, that’s pretty easy to take care of.

Start by opening Edge and clicking on the three-dot menu bar. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


When Settings opens, choose On startup on the left-hand side.


You can then decide what you’d like Edge to open on at startup. Choose between a brand new tab, picking up where you left off, or opening on a particular page or pages.


To pick a particular page like your email or a favorite news site, click Add a new page to add an additional page. Just type in the address of the page you want. To remove a page click the three-dot icon next to it.


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