Hidden Digital Abuse

There’s a form of hidden digital abuse that you might not even recognize.  It might seem cute when someone wants to stay in constant contact with you. But when does it cross the line into emotional abuse?

Yesterday, we took a look at how social media can be used to inflict emotional abuse. (click here to check out that tip.)

Now, I think we’ve all heard jokes about stalking someone on social media. Most of the time, people are just kidding.

But sometimes people attempt to use social media, email, or phones to constantly monitor your activity.

  • This type of abuse can include obsessively monitoring all of your activity on social media sites.
  • But it can also include things like constantly texting and emailing someone. Then getting upset if that person does not immediately respond to you.
  • Another form of abuse can be tagging you in status updates that really have nothing to do with you.
  • Tagging you in photos or status updates that are clearly meant to be insulting

Both men and women can be victims of this type of abuse. And this abuse doesn’t just necessarily come from romantic partners. Friends and relatives will also resort to these tactics.

Romantic partners might begin to ask for explicit photos or videos. One tactic is to send photos or videos of themselves that you didn’t ask for. Then they’ll turn around and insist you reciprocate. Don’t.

In part 3 of this series, we’ll look at what happens when these threats begin to escalate.


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