Help! Missing image icons

A reader is worried about suddenly missing images:

“I have a big problem. Just recently, for no reason that I am aware of, my folders and jpgs have changed in that the folders look like they are empty where they used to have a facsimile piece of paper sticking out of them and the jpgs no longer show the actual photos but only a small icon with what looks like a mountain range and the moon. I have searched and checked the show hidden files. I really need help as I have to double click on the jpgs just to see what it is. I hope this makes sense and appreciate if you are able to help me solve this mystery. I have scanned my computer for viruses and any other problems and the results are that my computer is in excellent condition. There is a problem, and it is not in Houston.”

My guess is that you don’t have a big problem. Or even a small one. You just need to make a couple of quick adjustments to how you view your folders.

Do your icons look like this?


If so, it’s one of several options for viewing the files in a picture folder. Let’s look up at the top of File Explorer. Click the View tab.


You’ll find options to view Extra large icons, Small icons, Tiles, Large icons, List, Content, Medium Icons, Content, or Details.


The view I showed you above is List. If I click Details, I’ll see this.


To see icons that preview your images, go with Medium, Large, or Extra Large Icons.




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