U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s Ferret Cam!

Welcome to the Ferret Cam! Here you can view live, real-time video feeds of North America’s most endangered (and cutest) mammal, the black-footed ferret.

The star of the show is Two-bit, ambassador ferret at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.


If you’re viewing in the morning or early afternoon, you’ll want to start with the video feed on the right side of the page, because Two-bit is probably sleeping in her underground enclosure. If you’re checking in the evening, use the feed on the left first to catch Two-bit frolicking in her above ground enclosure.

When you’re done spending time with Two-bit, I recommend checking out the links beneath the video area that offer more information on the black-footed ferret species, conservation efforts, fact sheet, and even photos.


This is a great way to spend some time.. Go check it out for yourself today!


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