Mac Alternate Mouse Control

Here’s a quick option for controlling your Mac with your keyboard. This can be helpful if you don’t have a mouse and aren’t comfortable with the touchpad. Or maybe you just prefer the keyboard.

Start by clicking the Apple icon at the upper left and choosing System Preferences from the dropdown menu.


Then Choose Accessibility.


Scroll down to Pointer Control


Click the tab for Alternate Control Methods


Tick the box next to Enable Mouse Keys.


Click Option and you can select Turn on Mouse Keys when Option is pressed 5 times. Then all you’ll have to do to turn mouse keys on and off is to tap the Option key on the keyboard 5 times.

Here’s a quick list of keyboard controls.

Move up 8 or numeric keypad 8
Move down K or numeric keypad 2
Move left U or numeric keypad 4
Move right O or numeric keypad 6
Move diagonally down and to the left J or numeric keypad 1
Move diagonally down and to the right L or numeric keypad 3
Move diagonally up and to the left 7 or numeric keypad 7
Move diagonally up and to the right 9 or numeric keypad 9
Press the mouse button I or numeric keypad 5
Hold the mouse button M or numeric keypad 0
Release the mouse button . (period)

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