Edge – Taskbar Pinning Wizard

Pinning your most-visited websites to the taskbar is a great shortcut. For example, your email inbox. There’s a helpful feature in the new version of Microsoft Edge called the Taskbar Pinning Wizard. It helps you find the sites you use most.

Start by opening Edge and clicking on the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the page.


Choose More tools from the drop-down menu.


Then pick Launch taskbar pinning wizard.

launch taskbar pinning wizard

The wizard will open and begin to generate suggestions.

generating suggestions

In a minute or so, the list should be finished.


Tick the box next to the site or sites you’d like to pin. The click Continue.


You can also choose to pin Microsoft web apps. Put a check next to any you want.  If you don’t see any you like, just click Continue.


The sites and apps you picked are now pinned to the taskbar. If you click on the shortcut, they will open in Edge.


To pin a site that the wizard doesn’t find, open the site in Edge. Then click the three-dot menu icon and once again select More tools from the drop-down menu.


Then choose Pin to taskbar.




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