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A reader is not happy with the print interface in the updated Microsoft Edge.

“One thing I really don’t like is the screen I get when I hit print. (I print a lot to PDF Converter, you recommended years ago). I really liked the screen that came on before the upgrade to the new Edge. I know I sound pretty confused because I am and do not handle changes well. Although I do surprise myself sometimes that I’ve actually found things out (stumbled on the answer is closer).”

Let’s check out the difference. Here’s a screenshot of the print screen from the previous version of Edge. It’s from an article I wrote last year.


Let’s check out what the current print options are. There are two ways to print a page. The first is to click the three-dot menu icon at the top of Edge and choose Print from the drop-down menu.


Or click the print icon for the article you want to print.  print-edge-icon

This screen will open.


To me the menu for the old Edge on the left and the new Edge on the right look pretty similar. The old Edge has a dark background because my PC was in dark mode.

You’ll see options for number of copies, layout, pages, color, and to print on both sides.


Click more settings for additional choices.


Then you change paper size, scale, pages per sheet, margins, and decide if you want to print headers, footers, and background graphics.

To me, the options look pretty much the same, though the order has changed.



If you’d prefer to use the system dialog, just press Ctrl+Shift+P




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