Unsure about Edge

A reader has her doubts about Microsoft Edge.

Cyn, Hi, I upgraded Edge last week, so I am still getting used to it? I don’t do well with changes, so I don’t really know what to ask you. I did copy a lot of your Edge articles, which I will read over and digest what I can. One thing I want to ask you now is: which browser do you recommend with Edge?

I guess I prefer I/E as I have gotten comfortable with it over the years. One comment in one of your articles indicated that I/E web apps & sites were compatible with new Edge.

I don’t even know which browser I’m in after the upgrade, but it is different (I don’t like it), but there is a line that offers to make Edge the default browser.


The revamped Edge is very different. It’s based on the same framework as Google’s Chrome browser. That’s either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how well you like Chrome.

Now onto your question. I think Edge is a pretty good browser. You could choose to use it exclusively. I have Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera installed on my PC.  Most often I used Chrome. It seems to work the best with the most sites.

But when I encounter an issue with Chrome and a particular site or web app, I switch to one of the other browsers. It’s always a good first step in diagnosing a problem. If something works fine on Firefox but not with Chrome, you know the issue is the browser. Many people prefer Firefox or Opera because of privacy protections.

One thing I don’t suggest is using Internet Explorer. Unless there is a site or web app that just won’t work with anything else, there’s no reason. Most web pages are not going to be compatible with IE. It may feel familiar but you’ll probably experience a lot of issues.



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  1. I always used IE for years but switched to the new Edge when they upgraded it and have been using it since. I am so enjoying using the MS Edge and it is now my favorite over IE and GChrome. It seems to be faster and keeps my favorites on the screen.

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