Amazon Verification Scam

I got hit up with a phishing email the other day. They did a pretty good job of it, too.  This particular piece of bait was disguised as a two-factor authentication notice.


It claimed that access to my Amazon account had been blocked because they had detected two attempts to access it from unauthorized devices and locations.


It many ways, it’s a fairly convincing notice. They did neglect to capitalize Amazon in the text in one place.  My first clue was that this isn’t the email address connected to my Amazon account.

Allegedly, to unlock my account, I just need to click the link and re-enter all the data for my account. If I don’t do it immediately, my account will be permanently locked.


This data is, of course, everything they need to steal my identity and drain my bank account by making a whole bunch of purchases on Amazon.

They also use that favorite scammers’ trick urgency. If I don’t do this soon, my account will be locked forever.

48 hours

As always, if you think there could be a legitimate problem with your account, don’t click on that link. Open up a browser and go to your account on your own to check it.

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