Explore Google Photos: Part 2

Yesterday, I introduced you to Google photos. (You can click here to learn more).

Today, we’ll do a little more exploring.

Start by going to Google.com or your Gmail inbox. Log in and click the square of squares on the upper-right side.


Scroll down to Photos on the pop-up menu.


Here’s my Google Photos Screen. I have quite a lot of images.


Let’s check out the menu at the left side of the screen.


Click on Photos to see all of your images. By default, they are arranged by the date added.


Click Albums to view albums. If you haven’t created any of your own, Google will automatically create them based on people, landscapes, and animals.


Photos will automatically create its own collections based on the subjects, dates, or location of photos. The program will assemble them into special collections You can check them out by clicking on For you.


Use the Sharing option to view folders or images you’ve shared with others. There’s also an option for ordering physical prints and photo books.


At the top of the page, there’s a search box.


You can search for photos by date, location, the people in them, subject, type of image, and more.


Tomorrow, we’ll check out your options for editing and organizing individual images.


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