Folders Available to All users

A reader has a question about accessing files:

 “I’m getting organized so I can move from a desktop to a laptop for when I’m old and feeble. I’m doing a humongous reorganization of files and folders, and rearranging the file structure. I always work from my Standard User account, leaving my Administrator account for the times I really must use it.

Long ago when I started doing that, I wanted my files to be available to both accounts. I accomplished that by using the PUBLIC folder under users. That works but is occasionally awkward. Have you any suggestions of alternate ways to accomplish this? THANKS for all your help; I appreciate all your articles, and the way you make your answers clear.”

Thank you so much! I think I have a solution that will work.

When you’re logged in as the administrator, go to File Explorer and find the folder or library you wish to give access to.


Right-click on the file or library and choose Give Access to from the pop-up menu.


Select the user you wish to grant access to.


Confirm that you wish to share the folder.



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