Another Day, Another Scam

Sunday seems to be the favorite day for scammers to send emails to me. Today, I present the message I received last Sunday. This time, it’s a phishing scam targeting PayPal users. According to the message, my account has been “limited” due to a violation of PayPal’s acceptable terms of use policy


I right-clicked on the Verify Account Now button. Then choose Copy link address from the drop-down menu.


Here’s the actual link address. It doesn’t look much like the real address for PayPal customer service.


There’s a second link that promises to help you recover your account. Let’s check out the actual link address for it.


Again, it doesn’t look much like an actual PayPal address.


If you were to follow these links, you’d be taken to a fake PayPal login screen. Once you entered your information, these scammers would now be able to clean out your account.


As always, be very careful where you click. If you think there could be a genuine issue with your account, open up another browser window or an app and go there to check.

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Scam

  1. Looking at the “links” you copied and pasted to verify email and web addresses, it demonstrates the problem I have with Outlook’s security. Instead of showing the actual destinations, those are “safelinks” – which Outlook uses to check destinations for safety & security before actually going to them. I have not found a way to translate the safelinks to determine the actual destination.

  2. Cyn, I am a longtime PP user. I get this frequently. I just send it to PP scammers email. I do hope they check it out, but am not sure they do. But my account is not limited. If it were I would check with them directly to confirm and to ask why it were so. Trish

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