Add a Run shortcut to the taskbar

The Windows Run command allows you to directly open a program or document . You can open the Run box by pressing the Windows Key + R or typing Run in the search box and clicking on the result. If you find yourself frequently using the Run command in Windows, here’s a quick way to add it to your start menu or taskbar.

First, type Run in your search box and right-click on the result.


You have the option of selecting Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar.


Here’s what it looks like pinned to my taskbar.


Just click to open the Run command. To launch a program or document, just type it in or use the Browse button to search for it.


One thought on “Add a Run shortcut to the taskbar

  1. Another quick way to open ‘RUN’ is ‘Rt Click’ on the “START” icon in lower right corner, and select ‘RUN’.

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