Is Automatic Sign-In Okay?

A reader often skips the the sign-in for eBay and wants to know if that’s okay:

“I so rarely need to sign into eBay, I have to look up the password I do use. I have searches set up for multiple items. The daily search results post to my eBay email list daily and I just click on them. Clicking in and out of them. This isn’t good, right? Even to pay for an item doesn’t require signing in.”

While I don’t advise just randomly clicking on unsolicited links, what you’re doing is a bit different. You requested the email and expect it in your inbox. As long as you’re careful about where you click, it’s not a problem.

Make sure that you don’t blindly click on an email without checking it closely because it looks similar to other emails you regularly click on. You can also hover on links to check them and make sure they actually go to eBay if you want to take the time.

For maximum security one could always log out of everything and never use an automatic sign-in but truthfully, that would be a pain the butt.

My advice is just to pay attention to where you click.

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