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A reader is looking for ways to open Word Documents.

On my husband’s computer. He isn’t able to open a Word document and then he tries to copy it to paste it (specifically to facebook) to share with a friend.  He gets a pop up that windows wants him to buy the word processor program.  He doesn’t have Word installed on his computer. I have LibreOffice and I don’t have that problem.

Installing LibreOffice is a great idea but I have another solution. If your husband doesn’t want to pay to install Microsoft Office on his computer, he can use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for free online.

If he’s got an email address, he can just head to the inbox and click the square of squares in the upper left-hand corner.

Choose Word from the menu.

Or go to Office Online and sign up for free.

This screen will open.

To open a Word document from a PC, choose Upload and Open at the right.

Then choose the document you want to open. Or you can simply drag and drop files into Word.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s open. Your husband should be able to copy any text he wants to send or just save the document and sent it to other.

To make it even easier to access consider pinning office to the taskbar of your browser. Then it’s just a click way.

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