What’s That Square?

A new user of Windows 10 has a question.

When I hit the Windows Key, I get a bunch of square boxes. How do I copy them so I can write them to another computer?

That square you see is your Windows 10 Start Menu. You can also access it by clicking the start button at the far lower-left.

This is what the Start Menu looks like. (Your colors may vary)

To the left is my app list. To the right are the live tiles. The small square on the app list are shortcuts to programs. The larger tiles on the right may be shortcuts to programs. They could also be shortcuts to websites, documents, or images.

The best way to copy images or documents is to open File Explorer and do it from the files.

For the most part, there’s seldom any need to copy a program or app. Many of the apps you see are already built into Windows 10. They’ll already be present on another PC. Other programs can be reinstalled by re-downloading and entering your original product keys.

You can buy programs like PC Mover that allow you to move entire programs. But you’ll spend around $60 to do the transfer.

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