Backup Phone To Google

A reader wants to back her phone date up to Google but isn’t sure how.

“I don’t want to pay for Verizon cloud. I know there is a way to save my contacts from phone to Google just don’t remember how Also is there a way to set it to automatically do it Thanks”

Android phones can be backed up to Google’s cloud and iPhones can be backed up to Apple’s cloud.

Here’s how to do it for an Android phone. All Android phones are a little different but your steps should be pretty similar. Open Settings. Scroll down to Accounts and backup. Tap to open.

Scroll down to Backup and restore. Tap to open.

Slide Back up my data to the on position. Then tap on Google Account.

Slide Back up to Google Drive into the on position. You can also tap on Other data to check to check the status of your photos and contacts backup.

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