Jacques Pépin Teaches You Proper Knife Skills

If you enjoy cooking or just enjoy watching programs about food, you’ll love this video from PBS station KQED. It features the legendary French-born chef, Jacques Pepin demonstrating basic knife skills.

Good knives and good knife skills make cooking much easier (and safer). In this helpful video, Pepin covers how to choose your knives (spoiler alert, you only need three basic knives in the kitchen) and demonstrates the proper way to grip and hold a knife. (essential information if you’re keen on keeping your fingers.)

He goes on to demonstrate the best way to peel, slice, and chop vegetables. The best part about this video is Pepin’s demeanor. He is completely approachable and makes it look easy. With some practice, you might not be a quick as Jacques, but you’ll improve your kitchen technique.

Click here to check it out:  https://www.kqed.org/jpepinheart/843/jacques-pepin-teaches-you-proper-knife-skills-for-cutting-chopping-and-slicing

2 thoughts on “Jacques Pépin Teaches You Proper Knife Skills

  1. I love Jacques! I’m sad I didn’t discover him sooner. I got a job where we had, let’s say, a lot of “down time”, and we had a TV but all we had were the basic channels, so I ended up watching a lot of PBS, and therefore a lot of Jacques’ show. I’m surprised they never gave him a show on Food Network.

    1. Lucas, I think his loyalties are firmly with PBS, where he’s been their #1 food guy for 40 years. I had the pleasure of seeing him in person a couple of years ago. It was delightful.

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