I received a message from a reader that made me spitting mad!

On Thursday, March 19,2020 I received an email /phone call by a man named Kevin from Virginia (she included a phone number he called from that I won’t mention) that he made a mistake on my computer when removing spam. . He said for me to pay him back 4 Gift Cards at $500 each a total of $2000 which I did.

He said to give him the numbers on and everything will be taken care of. I went to Best Buy here in Las Vegas and purchase them and gave them to him. He also said to go to Walmart and purchase the same. I didn’t do it. I should have talked to my son which I did the next day. He said it’s nothing but FRAUD. I’ve been trying to get my monies back from him. Every time I call him he doesn’t call me back. This has to be fraud. PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY MONIES. I’m a Veterans Widow for almost 10 years. I’m having hard times.”

Guaranteed Scam

I’m so very sorry to hear that this happened to you. This is definitely a scam. I’ve very sorry to say that it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get your money back. I did not include the phone numbers you provided because scammers use programs that conceal their actual phone numbers. Those numbers are probably just randomly generated.

No mistake that anyone made while removing spam from a computer could ever result in YOU owing him money. Never believe anyone who calls you out of the blue about any computer-related issue.

But the most important thing to take away from this is that any time someone tells you to pay them with gift cards, it is a SCAM!!!!

Gift Cards Are For Giving

Gift Cards are for giving as gifts, not for paying for anything. If someone wants a gift card, they want that transaction to be untraceable and non-refundable. I repeat – no matter what anyone tells you about anything, DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS TO SEND THEM!!!

You should still report this scum to police. There might not be much they can do about it, but you never know. At least they can warn others.

I’m going to go over some hard truths that I want everyone who reads this to believe:

  1. Nobody calls you out of the blue about a problem with your computer. NEVER. If they do, hang the heck up. If they email you, delete the message.

2. NEVER, EVER pay with a gift card! Gift cards are for gift giving. You do not pay for services, you do not pay fines, you do not make bail… Whatever it is, you don’t pay for it with gift cards.

3. When in doubt, refer to 1 and 2! Okay. Promise me! And everybody reading this, make sure to warn your friends and family about scams like this.