The Definitive Guide to Reheating Every Leftover Ever

Here’s a really handy site brought to you by the folks at Bon Appetit magazine.  Leftovers can be a delicious part of life, but soggy pizza and dried-out pasta aren’t very appetizing. This guide gives you practical advice on how to reheat everything, accompanied by large, bold photos and equally readable text.  The first category on the page is Grains.  You’ll learn the best techniques for reheating everything from rice to Quinoa. BTW, am I the only person that thinks Quinoa tastes like you fell into a pile of grass clippings?

You’ll also get what I consider to be more crucial information about on reheating fried chicken, French fries, and fried fish. The chicken advice actually surprised me and I’m a pretty keen cook. And they may have solved my long-standing issue with reheating chicken wings.


Other categories include Take Out,  Meat, Sandwiches, Pasta, Pizza (immediately freeze leftover pizza!!!!!), Fish, Soups and Beans, Vegetables, Potatoes, and Pastry.

I will warn you that the mouth-watering pictures will most likely make you hungry.  I hope you do have some leftovers to reheat, or you’ll find yourself headed out for dinner.

Click here to check it out:

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3 thoughts on “The Definitive Guide to Reheating Every Leftover Ever

  1. I usually print your advice out. But I wonder if there’s any way all the huge pictures can be eliminated when printing. Some of these use so much ink (for example, this one about reheating leftovers.

    1. The guide is on BonAppetit’s site, so we’d have no control over the placement of photos. Most sites offer a print-friendly version. Although many of our tips are less valuable without images as they are part of the instructions. BonAppetit doesn’t have one, I image they would prefer that you return to their site every time you need the information instead of printing it off. They do offer the ability to mark on pinterest or FB. You could just copy and paste the text into a document.

  2. We were given an Air Fryer about 9 months ago and have found out that this little kitchen tool is about the best way we have ever used to reheat just about anything. Gets it hope without “limping” it up. Just have to experiment a little as to how long for each type of food, as it will overcook it pretty quick after it is actually ready.
    On the previous comment, if I don’t want the photos in any kind of posting I would like to save, I open a new document (sometimes a spreadsheet). Then I simply copy and paste what I want from the posting, without copying the pictures/photos. Then you can even save it to your computer and always have a copy of it.

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