The End For Internet Explorer?

Microsoft is putting another nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer. Starting on November 20 this year, the Microsoft Teams web app won’t support Internet Explorer 11. Starting in August of next year, other Microsoft Office 365 apps and service will no longer support IE 11.

After those dates, Office apps either won’t be able to access IE 11 or you won’t have access to all of the functions of the app. Microsoft said it’s time for everyone who can to switch to Edge.

They did make it clear that Internet Explorer isn’t going away completely. The company is still keeping it around for businesses that still rely on Internet Explorer to power legacy apps. Instead of using two browser, the company recommends using Internet Explorer Mode in Edge.

That feature is not easily available for home users. While Microsoft still offers security support for Internet Explorer, that’s about the end of it. User are finding that more and more websites just aren’t compatible with their old favorite browser. If you use Internet Explorer, it’s a good time to start familiarizing yourself with other options like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

2 thoughts on “The End For Internet Explorer?

  1. Hi Cyn, and THANKS for your good works! You might want to include MS Edge in your list of other browsers. I have switched to it from Chrome (and thrown in Duck Duck Go as a search engine) and find it works virtually like Chrome…but with considerable less advertising or pushing certain vendors in searches. It’s fast and simple!

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