The Wiki Game

If you love information and learning new things, I think you are going to love this game! The objective of The Wiki Game is to get from the starting topic to the goal topic in the fewest clicks.

You are given a starting term (for example: elephant) and then an end goal (for example: DNA) and then you browse the wiki articles for links that will help you get to the end tour. In my example, I went from Elephant to Mitochondrial DNA to DNA. Then if there is time left in the round you can try again to find another path and increase your score. Each round lasts for 120 seconds, so if you find a route quickly it is definitely possible to try again!

If you want to save your score you need an account. Just click Create Account at the top of the page, fill out the form with a username, password, and your email address. This is also available as a free app if you want to play on the go!


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