Find Unwanted Spaces In Word

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Extra spaces or unwanted indentations in your Word document are a pain. Unfortunately, it’s easy to hit the space bar or tab key accidentally. There’s a good chance that Word’s formatting checker might catch those mistakes. But there are a couple of easy ways to track them down in case it misses the problem.

Your first option is to hit the Home tab at the top of your document.

Then go to the Paragraph section of the ribbon.

Click on the paragraph icon to view spaces, indents, and other hidden symbols.

You can then scan your document for extra spaces or indentations.

Or, you can try this trick. Click on the Editing icon in the ribbon and choose Find.

Click in the navigation box and hit the space bar twice. Then press Enter.

The instances of double-spacing will be highlighted.

You can check them out one at a time and fix the issue. Or you can choose the Replace option

Click in the Find what box and hit the space bar twice. Click in the Replace with box and hit the space bar once. You can then hit either Find next to track spaces down and hit Replace. Or choose Replace All to take care of them all at once.

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