Another day, another phishing scam. This one arrived via text message. It claims that a missing package from a few month earlier has been found and that you must click the provided link to have it finally delivered.

This is another example of a classic phishing scheme. If you aren’t familiar with the term, phish with a ph is pronounced exactly the same way as fish with an f. It means that scammers use the bait of pretending to be a legitimate company to get you to click. It usually involves either a fake account or security notification or a claim of some type of prize.

With millions of packages delayed or lost due to the increased amount of shipments to homes due to COVID-19, these scammers roll the dice and hope to randomly arrive in the inbox of someone who’s missing a package.

It also strikes that fear response that makes you tap on that link before you really think about it.

If you were to tap on that link, one of three things would happen:

  • A malicious site would download malware onto your phone
  • A fake site would ask you to enter account details before claiming your package.
  • You’d be asked to pay a fee to receive your missing package.

Either way, it’s bad news.

Don’t fall for it.