Insects Take Flight In Slow Motion

This YouTube video is both soothing and fascinating.  biologist Dr. Adrian Smith has captured both rare and beautiful insects and more everyday creatures in flight with amazing slow-motion video.

He shot these unusual creatures up close in his basement studio under black light. The video is slowed down to 3,200 frames per second to catch every beat of a wing.

You’ll see a plume moth, firefly, painted lichen moth, leafroller moth, rosy maple moth, stonefly, mayfly, fishfly, aphid, scorpionfly, and lacewing in action. (The rosy maple moth is one of the prettiest things you’ve ever seen.)

In addition to the video, Smith explains how insect flight works, and his enthusiasm for the subject matter is downright contagious. So, take 9 minutes out of your day to watch these incredible creatures in flight.

Click here to view:

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