10 Things Nobody Tells You About Organizing Your Pantry

Since I’m spending more time at home these days, I’m in the mood to organize. And since I both love to cook but work a whole lot, having an organized pantry is a must. I came across this helpful guide to getting my foodstuffs organized and it made me look at a few things in a new light.

The photos are of impossible beautiful pantry spaces, but the advice is sound even if your pantry is two little cabinets.

I found the first-in/first-out rule it suggests to be helpful. You’ll want to check out the advice about which items should never be stored together and why you should take things out of the package and put them into jars.

It’s fun to check out the pretty pantry pictures, too. Follow this link to start getting your pantry organized: https://www.organized-home.com/posts/organizing-pantry-tips-secrets-mistakes/

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