Earlier in the week, I showed you how to copy and paste on almost any device. (You can click here to read that article.)

Today, we’re going to talk about what types of things you can copy and paste. The answer is basically almost anything with the exception of programs. Copying and pasting a program or app onto a device won’t install it. You must execute an installer program to do that.

Other than that, you can copy and paste all kinds of things. For example, I could copy and paste my entire photos library to an external hard drive.

Or you can copy an individual image.

I could paste the individual image into another file or onto a storage device like a flash drive. But I can also paste the image into a document or an email.

I can also copy and paste images into programs like paint or Photoshop. Within those program, I can copy portions of the image.

I can then paste it once or multiple times.

The same is true for text or document files. You can copy and paste the whole file to external storage or another folder. Or just copy a portion of the text.

You could paste that text into an email, another document, or even into an image program with a text feature like Paint. You can also select a portion of text from some websites to copy and paste. Some sites also offer the option to copy and paste images. But don’t attempt to copy an entire webpage. You’ll just end up with a bunch of scrambled text and HTML code. Either copy the elements you want individually or take a screenshot of the site.