How To Find And Download Facebook Photos

This question comes from my dear mother-in-law. She didn’t really ask me directly, but she posted it on Facebook in a fit of despair while attempting to navigate the new Facebook.

“Please tell me how to download my favorite pics on this crazy new experiment.”

Honestly, it’s not really much different than it was before. Facebook redesigned the layout to a display that’s supposed to be easy on the eyes and fairly seamless between mobile and desktop browsers.

First, let’s find our photos. Click on your profile at the top right.

At the top of your profile, click on Photos. This is the same process as with the old look but the photos no longer display at the top of the page unless you click on the Photos tab.

Once you click, there you are in Photos.

To download a copy of a photo just click on it to open.

To save, right-click and choose Save as from the drop-down menu.

Then give it a name, choose the location to save, and click OK.

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