Create Custom File Explorer Shortcuts

Here’s a nifty trick for creating a shortcut to a custom view in Windows File Explorer. Normally File Explorer opens up to this view:

A couple of clicks will get you to your documents or other folders, but why not open up to exactly where you need to be.

Well, you can and here’s how:

Right-click the Desktop and select New , Shortcut.

In the command line box, type: explorer /e,/n,/root, c:\My Documents

You’d probably be better off copy/pasting since it needs to be exact. It should look like this:

Then hit Next. Name your shortcut, then hit Finish.

The shortcut will appear on the desktop.

Click to open.

You could also make a shortcut to your C drive:

explorer /e,/n,/root, c:\

As you can see, you can put in any path you like where you see the “C:\ ” at the end of the line. You could set up Explorer shortcuts for any frequently used folders and or drives.

One thought on “Create Custom File Explorer Shortcuts

  1. Would it not be faster and less complicated to just drag the folder you want to your desktop or wherever you want the shortcut with your right mouse button and then click ‘Create short cut here’? That’s click, drag click and your done in 2 seconds.

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