Here’s a nifty trick for creating a shortcut to a custom view in Windows File Explorer. Normally File Explorer opens up to this view:

A couple of clicks will get you to your documents or other folders, but why not open up to exactly where you need to be.

Well, you can and here’s how:

Right-click the Desktop and select New , Shortcut.

In the command line box, type: explorer /e,/n,/root, c:\My Documents

You’d probably be better off copy/pasting since it needs to be exact. It should look like this:

Then hit Next. Name your shortcut, then hit Finish.

The shortcut will appear on the desktop.

Click to open.

You could also make a shortcut to your C drive:

explorer /e,/n,/root, c:\

As you can see, you can put in any path you like where you see the “C:\ ” at the end of the line. You could set up Explorer shortcuts for any frequently used folders and or drives.