Set Your Home Page In Edge

A reader is having a difficult time setting a home page in Microsoft Edge:

“I am really confused about setting the home page on the newest edge browser. I searched the tips on your website and the tip was there but it didn’t work for me. When they changed and/or updated the browser I can’t find the information to change the home page under settings. When I go to settings information about Profile comes up. Can you help me change the home page?

Sure! I’d be glad to help. Start by opening Edge and clicking on the three-dot menu bar. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


When Settings opens, the first thing you see at the top is your Profile settings.

But look down four spots and you’ll see On startup. Click on that.


You can then decide what you’d like Edge to open on at startup. Choose between a brand new tab, picking up where you left off, or opening on a particular page or pages.


You will want to pick Open to a specific page or pages. Click Add a new page to pick your homepage.. Just type in the address of the page you want. To remove a page click the three-dot icon next to it.


If you think the tabs you have open at any particular moment are what you’d like for startup, you can click on Use all open tabs.



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